Let us end this war

My first speedpaint :)

My submission to the 2019 EU FFXIV Fanfest art contest.

Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg from Final Fantasy XIV confronting each other at the bridge. I thought this was one of the most epic moments in the game after a long and thrilling story about a war between dragon and man. Its moments like these, made by a team of dedicated people, that really inspire me to keep making art^^
I painted it all in photoshop, but used an in-game screenshot as a base for the background elements and a bit for the character to save time since I had very little. (had a bunch of near-sleepless nights for this XD)

I am very flattered and happy to have won 1st prize and thank everyone for voting!

I made my very first speedpaint video with this artwork on my new youtube channel which can be seen here:

I hope you enjoy my art :D